• Each of the different curricula at Bullfrogs Ballet School is carefully designed to meet the age, knowledge and needs of the students. The Pre-ballet education classes are based on Maria Fey’s Floor Barre technique, complemented by games and dance moves to develop creativity and prepare students for higher levels.

    The Bullfrogs Ballet School curricula for classical ballet, from levels Pre-ballet III to VIII grade follow the Vaganova Method, developed between 1916 and 1948 by Russian ballerina and pedagogue Agripina J. Vaganova. This technique combines the best aspects of different styles, built into a coherent classical ballet system. The technique is designed for the entire body, allowing ballet dancers a wide range of movements and expressions. Special attention is given to the corpus, allowing harmony and coordination of all parts of the body, achieve effortless dancing.

    Vaganova devoted much of her time to developing specific guidelines for teaching this method, especially about what is being taught, how long and how much, and all this is accompanied with elaborating the purpose of each exercise for the students. The curriculum is developed to allow for progress, with each student having to master the basic and preparatory forms before proceeding with the more difficult and complex forms of ballet moves and positions.

    Getting to the next level may not always happen from one year to the other, as ballet classes do not progress as conventional/formal education classes. It can happen that a certain student is at the same level for two years before he/she can move on to the next one. This practice is based on Bullfrogs Ballet School’s efforts for all students in one group to be at the same level of knowledge.

    Advancing to the next level in BBS is based on a number of factors, including commitment, attendance, maturity, the mastering of the program and the student’s talent. Students’ ability to master the material is more important than anything else, even their age. Advancing to the next level can occur at any time during the semester, but most often it is done at the end of each school year.

    Ballet clothing for students from BB School

    Adequate ballet clothing is mandatory for all students of the BB School and it can be purchased at the School’s premises. Each group has a branded ballet leotard in a specific color and ballet shoes, whereas for the Bullfrogs Boys Foundation we provide black ballet shorts, a white T-shirt and soft ballet shoes. For more information on the appropriate clothing for each group, contact your pedagogue.

    Ballet clothing can be purchased at the School or HERE.