After the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, on March 11 the Bullfrogs Ballet School team made a tough but much needed decision: The School’s premises will be closed until the relevant authorities and the Government decide it is safe for activities to get back into “normal”. The health of our students and pedagogues is our priority, thus this decision was unanimous. Given that ballet education requires continuity, we made a unanimous decision to move all ballet classes online.

    After consultation with the parents/legal guardians of our students and their positive feedback about moving the ballet classes online, we begun with work. In these turbulent times for all of us, we have brought light and positive energy and learned to adapt to different situations.

    Our team will continue to bring light in this difficult period. The biggest incentive and motivation for all of us is the fact that our students love ballet and have been successfully adapting to the given situation. Because of this, we will continue to support our students and rejoice in all the successes they achieve.

    The complete Bullfrogs Ballet School’s ballet program is comprehensively explained on our website, and we will continue to take new members in our ballet family. If your child has a desire to dance and attend ballet classes, you can apply HERE.

    Ballet classes are held regularly on the ZOOM platform, which has proven to be a great tool that allows us to successfully hold ballet classes for the last few months.

    Just like in normal circumstances, during the state of emergency all classes are held in the afternoon, with every group having its class in their regular hours. For us, it was indeed wonderful that albeit being in a home setting, we could see our students dressed in their ballet clothing, always smiling in front of their cameras. The School’s Code of Conduct still applies in our virtual classroom and it is highly motivational that our students are aware and respect the ballet class decorum. We are especially happy that the dedicated work of our students and pedagogues throughout the year results with impeccable discipline that is clearly visible during this period. We are happy that our Bullfrogs Ballet family has tireless, dedicated and ambitious children and youth who do not deviate from their path to success.

  • A Message from Aleksandra Nikiforovski

    Artistic Director

    The world is changing rapidly and the expectations from the Schools are growing. Knowledge and skills move the world forward, but in these moments it becomes clear that without technological progress, everything would be very difficult. In these times of global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the only thing we all think about is a better tomorrow, which unfortunately remains uncertain. When I say tomorrow, I mean our future that we need to think rationally about. I put my sincere efforts into directing the work of the school towards continuous improvement of the curriculum, by applying innovative approaches to learning and teaching. I aspire to the motto that learning is joy with a goal. Bullfrogs Ballet School has always been recognized by its competence, confidence in students and the School’s team, working with integrity and cheerful spirit, and willingness to take responsibility. Our approach goes a step beyond ballet, with continuous support for the well-being of our students and care for them. These characteristics and relationship with the students remain unchanged in this situation, which is why we unanimously decided that we will transfer the positive spirit from the ballet studio to the virtuall classroom, with the help of technology and the Internet, without which we would not survive today. It is because good teachers never stop, the entire Bullfrogs Ballet School team will not allow this pandemic to hinder the education and training of young talents.

    We are all responsible to our children and that is why I think it is necessary to put in a lot of effort during this period. We should all have a common goal for our children, and that is to not disrupt their current habits and learning processes. Regular class attendance plays a big role in improving results. We must not disrupt the habits of children and youth as they have been gaining them them for a long time, especially in regards to continuity in ballet education. An important feature of our online teaching is that the level of development and progress of our students did not deteriorate at all. On the contrary, we have noticed growth and development for our students. This is a difficult situation for all of us, and especially for children and youth. These times are a great challenge filled with countless obstacles, but that is why parents and pedagogues are here. By working together, we can show our children that it is important to be reasonable, responsible, and resilient in overcoming this obstacle. Disrupting our habits and continuous education, including ballet education, results in difficulties on the path to success, especially when it comes to building up children’s strong character. Children with good character live better. That is why our Ballet School remains open to cooperation where and when needed, retaining its social and moral responsibility.

    I call on all parents whose children are unable to continue their ballet education in the studio, to join us in our virtual classroom.

    I sincerely hope that all this uncertainty will end soon and we will return to our ballet studio, filled with enthusiasm and good mood. I wish positive thoughts for all, which will guide us to a calmer dealing with this unpleasant episode of our everyday life.

    Stay home and dance with us ♥,